Timeless design and exceptional quality. Quality never goes out of style. Ethically made to love for a lifetime. Hand crafted to last. Premium leather goods. Shape, colour, texture, material, craftsmanship.

Ethically made. KÓBALT brand is a fruit of friendship, good communication and clear and common vision of the present and future of premium yet everyday products made from raw, natural materials, such as leather, suede, wool and cotton. We work exclusively with our partner workshop with 30 years of experience in the production of hand crafted premium leather accessories, with whom we work exclusively. We communicate together in all stages of development, from sketching some ideas, to bag design, prototyping and material selection.

Made to last. All KÓBALT products are hand made, crafted by an experienced team of craftsmen. Our design is classic, timeless. As our goal is for you to love and enjoy our product for a long time, even decades, we carefully choose the finest materials, such as full grain cowhide leather, goat suede and organic cotton with high quality metal accessories and along with timeless shapes and design, we give you an exceptional product experience. Quality never goes out of style.

KÓBALT, Our path, OUR WAY. Our journey started in spring of 2018, when KÓBALT‘s founder Tina met the right conversational partner, who shared her love of finely crafted premium products, with 30 years of experience in craftsmanship of leather accessories. The idea of a common path soon bloomed, that of creating a “slow fashion” brand that combines timeless, minimalistic, simple design with premium quality materials and high standard production. With lots of help from our friends and family, who became our KÓBALT community, KÓBALT envelope came to life as our first signature form.

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